Testmo's REST API was designed to access and automate certain aspects of Testmo's data model to implement custom scripts and automation integrations. We designed and implemented the REST API especially to support certain use cases.
So currently not all data objects and models are accessible via the API. If you would like to use the API for other uses cases, please let us know and we are happy to consider this for API updates in the future. Currently the REST API is designed the handle the following use cases:
  • Submitting automation test runs with threads and results
  • Implementing custom CI/CD integrations
  • Supporting advanced automation workflows
Using test automation?
If you would like to submit test automation results to Testmo or want to integrate with your CI/CD pipeline, consider using our powerful Testmo CLI tool instead of accessing the API directly. The CLI tool makes it easy to integrate your automated tests and CI/CD workflows without having to use the raw API. The Testmo CLI tool is the best integration option in almost all cases.

REST API topics