Custom Links

Testmo can be integrated with any issue tracking, requirement management or other tool to link test cases, results, runs, sessions, milestones or comments to external references. By configuring the link-based integration in Testmo, users can conveniently navigate to your external tool's New page and enter any issue or reference IDs. The IDs are then automatically linked based on the configured link format. We've documented some example integrations with popular tools:

Also learn more about additional issue tracker integrations:

You can also configure multiple integrations in Testmo and also configure different tools for different projects. Any tool that supports linking to a document or reference (such as issues, bug reports, requirements, wiki pages etc.) by specifying a unique ID can be used. Testmo automatically replaces the configured ID placeholder in links with the actual referenced IDs, so users can directly navigate to linked references.

Testmo supports any format for the linked IDs and can also help validate IDs users enter:

  • Number (any integer number; e.g. 3442, 86713)

  • Key-Number (popular with issue trackers; e.g. TM-3342)

  • Other (any other string without spaces)

Configuring custom issue integrations

To configure a custom issue tracker integration, in Testmo go to Admin > Integrations. You need to be a project or site administrator in Testmo to access this area. Then follow these instructions:

  • Select Custom issue tracker

  • Click + Issue tracker

  • In the Add issue tracker dialog, enter the details of your Asana instance:

    • Name: Select the name you want to use for the integration. The name will be displayed in Testmo when choosing an issue tracker integration.

    • New issue link: This is the link users are redirected to when they click the New issue links in Testmo. If your tool does not have a direct link to create new entries, you can also leave this empty:

    # Link to your tool's New page (you need to adjust the link)
    • View issue link: When users click on a linked ID, users are redirected to this address. Testmo replaces the $(id) placeholder with the actual ID:

    # Link to issues ($(id) is replaced by the actual ID)
    • Issue ID format: Select the ID format your tool uses (see above)

Using the custom integration

The integration allows users to navigate to your tool's New page during testing and during test case design (next to any Issues field in Testmo's user interface). Users can then enter existing or new IDs to reference.

After entering IDs to reference, Testmo automatically converts the IDs to issue links so users can directly navigate to issues from tests, cases, runs etc. to look up the issue details and update the status. Any entered issue IDs are also automatically included in Testmo's issue reports along with linked issues of any other configured integration.

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