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Testmo comes with full GitLab test management integration. With our GitLab CI/CD integration, easily submit your automated test results from your CI/CD workflows. And with our GitLab Issues integration, directly push and link new bug reports, look up GitLab issue statuses and track coverage. Learn more:
  • GitLab & Testmo feature overview Learn about Testmo's extensive GitLab integration to build a complete test management & DevOps workflow. Integrate all your manual, exploratory and automated testing efforts with GitLab with CI/CD, issue and DevOps integration.
  • GitLab CI/CD integration Testmo makes it easy to integrate your GitLab CI/CD workflows and submit your test automation results from your pipelines. Full support for simple and advanced workflows, including pipelines with parallel testing.
  • GitLab Issues integration Directly push, link and look up GitLab issues from Testmo. Track any issues identified during testing, design and automation.