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Parallel Testing

Testmo supports advanced test automation workflows for parallel testing jobs, which are often used to speed up CI pipelines.
You can use advanced CI/CD automation workflows with parallel testing jobs with Testmo. Testmo can capture the results for each parallel test job as part of a separate thread under a combined test run. You can then view the results of each thread separately as well as the entire test run at once.
The following illustration shows how you would report parallel test jobs with the testmo tool from your CI/CD pipeline:
Example Testmo parallel testing strategy
So in order to integrate with and submit your parallel test jobs to Testmo, you would follow this approach:
Before you start your parallel test jobs, first call the automation:run:create command in your CI/CD pipeline with our CLI tool. This creates a new test automation run in Testmo so you can add results. The command returns a test run ID. You need to store this ID and pass it to your parallel test jobs in your CI/CD pipeline, so you can add your results.
Then in each parallel test job you start your test automation tool to run your tests (you can either start it yourself or let the testmo tool launch your tests). You use the automation:run:submit-thread command to create a new thread and submit your results (and optionally launch your automation tool). You need to pass the above mentioned test run ID, so the new thread and results are added to the test run you created in step 1.
After all your parallel test jobs completed, mark the test run as completed by calling the automation:run:complete command. You again need to pass the test run ID created in step 1.
With each command, you can also optionally pass additional fields, links and artifacts (see our topic on custom run & thread fields).
Examples for GitHub Actions, GitLab CI/CD, CircleCI and more
Ready to implement the Testmo integration with parallel test jobs in your CI/CD pipeline? We have ready-to-use examples, just see our CI/CD integration page to learn more.