Copy & Move Cases

Testmo comes with features to move and copy/duplicate test cases and entire folders within repositories. This allows you to restructure and re-order your test cases and to duplicate cases if you want to create similar cases or reuse templates.

Copy & move test cases

You can copy and move test cases within the same folder or between folders via drag&drop. Simply hover your mouse cursor over a test case and drag the move icon. If you want to drag multiple test cases, simply check the boxes next to the cases to select them.

You can then drag&drop the cases within the same folder to duplicate or re-order the cases. Or you can drag them to another folder in the left tree.

Once you drop the cases, Testmo will show a context menu asking you if you want to move or copy the cases. You can also press Shift to copy cases directly without the context menu, or press Ctrl/Cmd to move the cases (learn more about Testmo's keyboard shortcuts).

Copy & move folders

You can also copy and move entire folders (and their cases and sub folders) via drag&drop. To do this, simply drag a folder via its move icon in the tree and drop it between or on another folder.

Copying between projects

You can copy test cases or entire folders between project repositories. To copy test cases, simply open the repository of the project you want to copy test cases to. Then select the Copy button from the toolbar.

You can copy an entire repository, select a folder (with all its cases and sub folders) or select specific test cases to copy (including using filters to select the cases).

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