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This page explains and answers common questions about accessing and using the Testmo & Jira integration and troubleshooting browser issues. If you are a Testmo admin and one of your users have issues accessing the Testmo integration inside Jira after successfully configuring the integration, you can also forward this guide to help troubleshoot & enable Testmo access.

Setting up the Jira integration?

If you are interested in learning more about setting up the Jira integration in Testmo, please refer to our detailed Jira integration documentation first:

Testmo Jira integration ➞

How the Jira integration works

Testmo uses the official Atlassian Connect platform to integrate Testmo with Jira. This allows you to conveniently install the Testmo integration in Jira Cloud through the Atlassian Marketplace and configure the Testmo integration with very few, simple steps.

The way Atlassian Connect works is that Jira embeds third-party content such as the Testmo test results via so-called inline frames ("iframes"). This provides a fast, easy and isolated way to load third-party content into a web application. Once the Testmo integration has been configured, logged in Testmo users can view Testmo content related to a Jira issue from the issue's view page.

Confirming browser access

Browsers are getting more and more strict with third-party content & cookies, as this is also used by publishers to track users across websites. This also affects legitimate uses such as Atlassian Connect and the Testmo Jira integration. Testmo has implemented the latest browser APIs to allow users to confirm browser access to Testmo content inside Jira, so that browsers render & allow Testmo cookies and logged-in session information embedded inside Jira.

If your browser requires confirmation of cookie access so Testmo can verify that a user is logged in to Testmo, the Testmo Jira integration will automatically render the steps necessary to confirm access. Make sure to follow the steps displayed by Testmo and confirm access when the browser opens the confirmation popup.

Note that each web browser uses a slightly different way and popup to ask for storage access confirmation, so the following illustration is just an example.

Troubleshooting & frequent issues

If you have issues getting the Testmo content to render properly inside Jira, or the browser is not showing the confirmation popup to allow Testmo to access its own cookies inside Jira, please go through the following troubleshooting steps to resolve this.

  • Fully clear the browser cache: If you have issues getting the browser to render the confirmation popup, you might have accidentally denied the request in the past, and the browser might not show the popup again. Make sure to fully clear the browser cache, cookies, storage and site data (All time) so you can try again. See the official guides for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

  • Access & log in to Testmo first: It is important to access and interact with and log in to Testmo with your browser first. Because many web browsers will only display the access confirmation dialog for websites you have interacted with recently. So if you are testing a new web browser, or started a new browser tab in private/incognito mode, access & log in to Testmo first.

  • Temporarily disable all browser add-ons: Sometimes overeager browser add-ons can block or break Jira add-ons, especially browser add-ons that inject their own code or block certain aspects of a web application such as ad-blockers, testing tools and similar. To make sure this is not the case with your browser environment, please temporarily disable all browser add-ons and try the above steps again.

  • Try a different browser or clean state: If you have made many customizations or changed browser settings in your main browser, you can also try another browser on your machine temporarily to rule out any issues related to custom settings. For example, if you mainly use Chrome, you could temporarily try Firefox or Safari on your machine to rule out any browser setting issues. Another option is to use the Private Mode (sometimes also called Incognito Mode) of your browser. Just keep in mind that many settings or browser add-ons might still apply to this mode as well.

  • Enabling third-party cookies: If you have a customized web browser or use custom/non-default web browser settings that always block third-party cookies, even for legitimate cases like Jira integrations, consider enabling third-party cookies again at least for Jira and Testmo.

Getting support & sending screenshots

Still having issues after following and completing the above troubleshooting steps? We are here to help and please contact Testmo support with any questions. It is important to include the following information so we can help troubleshoot any integration questions:

  • Let us know if you have issues with setting up & using the integration for your entire team, or if "only" certain users have issues with the integration

  • If you have issues with rendering or confirming access for Testmo inside Jira, please make sure to send us the following (all screenshots should show the entire browser window with the full browser frame & URL bar visible_):

    • Screenshot showing the problem in Jira

    • Screenshot showing the logged in user in Testmo

    • Screenshot showing the diagnose section of the Testmo Jira integration (see below)

    • Screenshot showing another, second alternative browser (see troubleshooting section above) with the Testmo & Jira integration

    • Description of the environment (operating system, browser, versions etc.)

Diagnose & troubleshooting information

When accessing the Testmo integration inside Jira, Testmo offers you to run and display certain integration diagnose checks. This is useful to doublecheck that everything is set up correctly and this also helps the Testmo support team to troubleshoot any issues when you reach out. So as part of the above troubleshooting details, please also include a screenshot of the diagnose output. See below for an illustration of what this looks like and where to find this.

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