Unified Testing

Testmo is the #1 unified testing tool, making it easy to work with all your testing activities in one powerful platform. We've optimized each part of Testmo to get the most out of your software tests:

  • Manual test cases Manage your manual tests in scalable and flexible test case repositories, including folders, custom fields and change tracking. Then start test runs, record test results and manage assignments. Including full integration with your favorite issue tracking tools.

  • Exploratory testing Plan and track your exploratory tests with powerful testing sessions. Quickly add session notes, record screenshots, report issues and collaborate with your team.

  • Test automation Fully integrate your CI/CD workflow and submit your automated test results. Any testing tool, platform and language supported, including advanced workflows such as parallel testing. Track, visualize and compare automated tests with optimized automation runs and automation sources.

What is unified testing?

Typically, testing & QA tools focus on just one type of software tests. For example, many test management tools only support manual testing with test cases & test runs. Other tools are built solely to make it easy to report and visualize automated tests. And then there are session testing tools to help teams manage exploratory testing.

With Testmo we want to help teams manage all their software tests in one central place. So we've designed Testmo for unified testing, supporting manual test cases, automated testing and exploratory test sessions in one tool. Teams use a variety of software testing efforts and activities. And we believe a testing tool needs to provide great support for all of them to work well.

Bring your own tools

Testmo makes it easy to work with all your testing activities in one central place and it also makes it easy to work with your existing tools. We've specifically built Testmo so that you do not need to replace your issue tracking tool. Nor do we include another test automation framework with Testmo or bundle a CI tool. Instead, we focus on building the best possible integration for tools teams already use and enjoy, so you can fully integrate Testmo with your existing workflow. For example, Testmo easily integrates with:

  • Issue tracking tools such as Jira, GitHub Issues or GitLab

  • CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, CircleCI, GitHub Actions, GitLab CI/CD and others

  • Any test automation tool and framework your team already uses

  • Auth providers such as Active Directory, SAML, Google, Okta or OneLogin

You can learn more about Testmo's extensive integration features. We believe that building a tool to fits your existing workflow works much better than reinventing yet another issue tracker or automation tool. That's why we focus on the best possible integration with popular and leading tools.

Only use what you need

With Testmo you can focus on the testing activities that make sense for the specific projects you work on. Not all projects have an extensive test automation suite and not all projects benefit from many manual test cases or use exploratory testing.

So even if you do not need automated tests for a project or don't plan to use much exploratory testing, Testmo makes it easy to work with your tests. Only use the testing activities that make sense for your projects and Testmo helps you focus on metrics, reports and highlights that matter.

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