Product Requirements

Testmo is a web-based SaaS application and is provided as a cloud service. To use the application, it is accessed via one of the major desktop web browsers. Currently you can use the application with the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome (desktop), latest version

  • Mozilla Firefox (desktop), latest version

  • Microsoft Edge (desktop), latest version

  • Apple Safari (desktop), latest version

Web browsers offer slightly different feature sets and performance characteristics. So not all features might be available in all web browsers and not all features might work or perform the same. For the full & best experience, Google Chrome (desktop, latest version, on Windows or macOS) is the reference browser for Testmo for the best supported experience.

Mobile devices and browsers

Testmo has been designed with a responsive web interface, so it can adapt its interface to different browser window sizes. For the fully supported experience, Testmo is used and accessed with a desktop browser. Some mobile platforms and browsers might provide a limited and unsupported experience to use Testmo as well:

  • iPad iOS Safari

  • iPhone iOS Safari

  • Android Google Chrome

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